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John Lennon Wall during Electric Scooter Tour in Prague

E-SCOOTER TOUR IN PRAGUE - We did it a second time!

2018-10-09 10:32:38

We decided to tried a different product from offer of Segway Tours: Grand City Tour of Prague on Electric scooters…

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With a 2018 Bavaria V630FX camper on the border of Poland

2018-10-08 10:46:56

We did a long weekend at the end of September and we tried to make a compromise between campers, right the camper from the Bavaria. We found a rental car company on the north of Bohemia 

trip caravan
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Park Ladronka in Prague during Segway Tour


2018-10-05 10:35:16

As we were thinking about what to do in Prague, Segway Tours caught our attention. The weather in Prague gets a little colder in autumn, but we decided…

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4 Czech lookout tower from which you can see the Alps

2018-05-27 16:03:33

If you are spending a holiday in Vysočina or Moravia, visit one of the lookout towers, which offers a really long view. In the list below, you can visit 4 selected lookout towers from which you can…

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3 exceptional caves near Brno

2018-05-26 16:03:33

If you are a lover of trips as well as caves, visit 3 cave systems, which are located near Brno. Each cave is something extraordinary, so it is worth visiting. Choose them in your guide, modify the…

caves trip Brno
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Plan your holiday in the Czech republic

2018-05-24 16:03:33

Are you preparing for a vacation and you do not want to be in one place? Make one more holiday from one holiday. Every day can be different with other experiences. Choose goals, read about them,…

car trip vacation
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