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With a 2018 Bavaria V630FX camper on the border of Poland

We did a long weekend at the end of September and we tried to make a compromise between campers, right the camper from the Bavaria. We found a rental car company on the north of Bohemia Autopartner PLUS car rental which offers several 2018 Bavaria V630FX cars for rent. We've found some destinations and camps and we've created a guide, which we also give you inspiration to experience a lot for a few days.

Number Km Place Type Coordinates
1 0 km Autopartner PLUS rent car rental 50.7420919, 15.0252732
2 Żelazny Tygiel Waloński fun park 50.826753, 15.5414482
3 Szklarki watterfall watterfall 50.82964, 15.5548378
4 Nad Rozkosznym Stawem camp 50.8343563, 15.5104633
5 Szklarska Poręba Dinopark fun park 50.8389569, 15.5420705
6 Cieplickie thermal aquapark aquapark 50.8597456, 15.6827255
7 Camp 66 camp 50.793564, 15.7695608
8 Miniature monuments of Lower Silesia park museum 50.7985926, 15.8340021
9 Colorful lakes lake 50.8273901, 15.9718462
10 Camping nr 231 camp 50.8319711, 16.4881178
11 Książ castle castle residence 50.8422157, 16.2915226
12 Książ castle greenhouse glasshouse 50.8299381, 16.3087745
13 Grodno castle castle 50.7496071, 16.4106127
14 Leśny Dwór camp 50.5926721, 16.5809437
15 Srebrna Góra fortress fortress 50.5743947, 16.6417118
16 Kopalnia Złota - Gold mine museum 50.4398042, 16.8747421
17 Kletno the Bear Cave cave 50.2345738, 16.8426629

1 Autopartner PLUS rent car


6 categories of motorhomes, more than 40 Bürstner, Mercedes-Benz and Bavaria motorcars in the fleet, only new caravans, all the caravans with a rich premium equipment.

2 Żelazny Tygiel Waloński

Dolnoslezské vojvodství

This is not an ordinary open-air museum, but a lively, busy settlement where many ancient crafts can be tested at local workshops.

3 Szklarki watterfall

Dolnoslezské vojvodství

Waterfall 13 m high in the rock gorge.

4 Nad Rozkosznym Stawem

Dolnoslezské vojvodství

In the center of the White Valley, on a hectare meadow, around a mumble stream and a pond with wild ducks.

5 Szklarska Poręba Dinopark

Dolnoslezské vojvodství

Fun park not only with dinosaurs.

6 Cieplickie thermal aquapark

Dolnoslezské vojvodství

The specialty of Cieple Thermal Baths is that they use thermal water, whose chemical composition and temperature are unique on a European scale, which has an invaluable, beneficial effect on the regeneration of the whole organism.

7 Camp 66

Dolnoslezské vojvodství

Campsite with a cabin background.

8 Miniature monuments of Lower Silesia park

Dolnoslezské vojvodství

The park serves as a showcase of the most significant and beautiful landmarks in Lower Silesia.

9 Colorful lakes

Dolnoslezské vojvodství

Natural lakes of yellow and purple color.

10 Camping nr 231

Dolnoslezské vojvodství

The camp is part of a sports complex.

11 Książ castle

Dolnoslezské vojvodství

The beautiful fairytale castle is the third largest in Poland.

12 Książ castle greenhouse

Dolnoslezské vojvodství

The greenhouse is part of the Książ castle, where, besides exotic plants, the turtles can also be seen.

13 Grodno castle

Dolnoslezské vojvodství

Medieval fortress, which is partly a ruin. There are mysterious corridors with a torture chamber in the castle and a view of the surrounding countryside from the tower.

14 Leśny Dwór

Dolnoslezské vojvodství

Camping near the Owl mountains.

15 Srebrna Góra fortress

Dolnoslezské vojvodství

Srebrna Góra Fortress is a complex of buildings, towering over a fortress town. It consists of six forts and several bastions. Its main component is a set of bastions in the center of Donjon.

16 Kopalnia Złota - Gold mine

Dolnoslezské vojvodství

The most famous attraction of Lower Silesia. It's not just a place for a man to see for himself how it looks like a gold mine, but also an opportunity to get to know the history of the Golden Gorge and also many legends.

17 Kletno the Bear Cave

Dolnoslezské vojvodství

It is the largest cave in the Sudetes and one of the deepest in Poland.


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