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Park Ladronka in Prague during Segway Tour

As we were thinking about what to do in Prague, Segway Tours caught our attention. The weather in Prague gets a little colder in autumn, but we decided to wear warmer clothes and make our Prague time more attractive with a new experience. We decided to go for Prague Monasteries Segway Tour

In the office, we were greeted by Jakub, who offered us coffee and water and informed us about the course of our segway tour. In the end, there were four of us taking part in the ride. We spent the first ten minutes in a tram, where our guide, Jakub, provided us with basic information about Prague: Things to do, places to see, dangerous things to avoid, etc. It was important for us to learn that it is not a good idea to use exchange offices to exchange money. We probably saved a lot thanks to that.

Once we got to the starting point, we went through the initial training. I was worried a little, but really, everyone can ride a segway. The actual segway tour was very entertaining. Jakub took great care of us, showing us lots of interesting places. Due to the fact that Segway is forbidden in the centre of Prague, we visited places we would normally not go to, and it was worth it. For example, tasting beer in a monastery where beer has been brewed for over a thousand years was really something.  Besides, we enjoyed the chance to get a bit warm and to rest for a while. Three hours later, we returned, happy that we made it. I am definitely not afraid to recommend this Prague segway tour!

Number Km Place Type Coordinates
1 0 km Segway experience Prague rental 50.0848773, 14.3767122
2 The Strahov Monastic Brewery restaurant 50.0868809, 14.3885167
3 View view 50.0869072, 14.3905579
4 Strahov Monastery monastery 50.0861795, 14.3895615
5 Strahov stadium technical monument 50.0805889, 14.3875684
6 Spiritka Hotel hotel 50.078629, 14.3736965
7 Ladronka Park park 50.0784187, 14.3655279
8 Břevnov monastery brewery of St. Vojtech brewery 50.0841931, 14.3576379
9 Kajetánka Castle residence castle residence 50.0879771, 14.3736826

1 Segway experience Prague


The company provides Prague Segway tours.

2 The Strahov Monastic Brewery


Brewery with restaurant offering local beer tasting Sv. Norbert.

3 View


View over Prague

4 Strahov Monastery


There are several exceptional halls in the place of the monastery, such as the capitular hall with many rare paintings and the most significant picture gallery in the Czech Republic, with works from the Gothic to Romantic periods.

5 Strahov stadium


The largest stadium in the Czech Republic with a capacity of 280,000 visitors.

6 Spiritka Hotel


A manor house, once surrounded by extensive vineyards.

7 Ladronka Park


Sport and recreation area for leisure. There is the longest illuminated skating track (4.2 km), a beach volleyball court, football, discogolf and playgrounds.

8 Břevnov monastery brewery of St. Vojtech


The brewery produces and sells Benedict beer from 11% to 21%.

9 Kajetánka Castle residence


The reconstruction of the smaller monastery by Jan Hennet was the result of this mansion, at the end of the 18th century. The surrounding English park.

In the Park nearby Brevnov Monastery in Prague on the Segway Tour
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