2018-10-09 10:32:38

E-SCOOTER TOUR IN PRAGUE - We did it a second time!

John Lennon Wall during Electric Scooter Tour in Prague

We decided to tried a different product from offer of Segway Tours: Grand City Tour of Prague on Electric scooters. This was a completely different experience. A three-hour ride included the best of Prague, and we really saw everything - from the Old Town Square to Prague Castle.

Electric scooters are viewed as bicycles in Prague. Therefore, we rode through the most beautiful parks, streets and squares much faster than in any other way. The speed of 25 km/h was sufficient for us to see lots of different sights, and most of all, it was fun! Riding the electric scooters is easy for those who have ever ridden a bicycle. Our guide avoided streets with thick traffic, so we felt safe. During the ride, he recommended restaurants and bars to visit at night, so we knew what to do next in Prague during the days to come. I certainly recommend this e-scooter Tour in Prague!

View of the Prague Castle from the Park Petrin during Electric Scooter Tour in Prague
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