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4 Czech lookout tower from which you can see the Alps

If you are spending a holiday in Vysočina or Moravia, visit one of the lookout towers, which offers a really long view. In the list below, you can visit 4 selected lookout towers from which you can see far to Austria.

Number Km Place Type Coordinates
1 0 km Babylon lookout tower lookout tower 49.4436693, 16.4638304
2 Chocholík lookout tower lookout tower 49.2796544, 16.9376851
3 Mařenka lookout tower lookout tower 49.1705977, 15.7025027
4 Lookout tower on Pekelny kopec lookout tower 49.1830072, 15.8499737

1 Babylon lookout tower

Jižní Morava

You can see from the top of the lookout tower the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, the outskirts of Brno, the Pavlovské vrchy, the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant and, in exceptionally good conditions, Vienna and the Alps.

2 Chocholík lookout tower

Jižní Morava

Chocholík Lookout Tower offers views of the Drahan Highlands, Pálava, Ždánický Forest, Chřiby, Hostýnské vrchy, Beskydy and in the bright weather the Alps can be seen.

3 Mařenka lookout tower


From the lookout tower you can see the surrounding landscape of Czech Canada, Třebíč and Telč. In good visibility it can be seen Pálava and even the roof of the church Sv. Stepan in Vienna, or the peaks of the Austrian Alps.

4 Lookout tower on Pekelny kopec


The wooden lookout tower provides a view on the Alps.

Do you know that ...

The name of the Hell Tower relates to several Třebíč's legends? One of them tells that St. Prokop had tamed the devil and then cast him on the Hell hill. The other is that there was a devil at the top of hill, who escaped here before St. Ivan. He lived in his cave in Svatý Jan pod Skalou in Central Bohemia.


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