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3 exceptional caves near Brno

If you are a lover of trips as well as caves, visit 3 cave systems, which are located near Brno. Each cave is something extraordinary, so it is worth visiting. Choose them in your guide, modify the order of places, print and go.

Number Km Place Type Coordinates
1 0 km Sloup-Šošůvka caves cave 49.4104485, 16.7389157
2 Kateřinská cave cave 49.3607005, 16.7103638
3 Býčí skála cave cave 49.3074612, 16.694308

1 Sloup-Šošůvka caves

Jižní Morava

Sloup-šošůvka caves are the largest accessible caves in the Czech Republic. It forms an extensive complex of houses, corridors and huge underground chasms connecting two underground floors with a height difference of 60 meters.

Do you know that ...

The jewel of Sloup-šošůvka caves is the Nagel's abyss? He discovered it from the basement of mathematicians J. A. Nagel in 1748. Currently, it is accessible by two bridges. From the ceiling to the surface of the Sloup Creek in the lower floors is about 90 meters deep, but its ground plan is one of the most massive underground gaps in the Czech Republic.

2 Kateřinská cave

Jižní Morava

The entrance to the cave is a Gothic portal, which brings visitors to the Main Dome, the largest premises in the Moravian Karst and the largest public open-air underground dome in the Czech Republic. The dome has excellent acoustics and it is occasionally used for singing and musical concerts.

3 Býčí skála cave

Jižní Morava

The second longest cave system in the Czech Republic with a total length of over 15 kilometers. The cave is not accessible to the public, only in open daysThe entrance part of the cave has been known since ancient times. Since 1663 there were appeared new parts of the cave.

Do you know that ...

In the cave of Býčí skála, in the part of the cave at the bottom of the Hall was found more than 40 skeletons and a number of objects from the Iron Age in 1872? These were the remnants of predominantly young women, with their heads or limbs cut. Now it serves as the largest wintering of bats in the Czech Republic.


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